Neil de la Flor is a writer, educator, artist and Executive Director of Reading Queer, a Knight funded organization dedicated to promoting queer literary culture in South Florida.


University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing, 2005
ENG 693 Teach College Composition; ENG 667 Caribbean Literature; ENG 504 Forms in Poetry; ENG 505 Forms in Fiction; ENG 710 Master’s Thesis

University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
Bachelors of General Studies, 2003


Gulliver Preparatory Academy, English Teacher
Miami, FL | 2018 – Present
Courses: Literature of Fear, Literature of California and City & Self.

Ben Gamla Preparatory Academy, English Teacher 
Miami, FL | 2016 – 2018
Courses: MJ Langauge Arts 8th Grade, ELA 9th Grade, ELA 10th Grade and AP English.
Committees: Curriculum, Faculty and Outcomes.

Miami Dade College, Adjunct & Writing Center Tutor
West & Wolfson Campus, FL | 2006 – Present
Courses: Creative Writing, ENC1101 English Composition I – Contemporary Issues, ENC1102 English Composition II – Introduction to Literature, ENC0021 College Prep Writing and Writing Center Tutor (West Campus).

Arts for Learning/ArtWorks, Writing Instructor & Creative Writing/Digital Storytelling Instructor 
Wynwood/Coconut Grove, FL | 2013 – Present
Courses: Lead school-year writing course for student interns (Arts For Learning year-round program; lead summer-intensive creative writing cooperative (ArtWorks summer internship program).

Barry University, Adjunct
Fort Lauderdale, FL | 2010 – 2016
Courses: ENG111 First Year Composition; ENG210 Introduction to Literature; 303 Introduction to Creative Writing; BLS 299 Critical Approach to Liberal Studies
Responsibilities: Engender a learning environment which challenges and enhances the learning potential of all students, with an emphasis on native and second language students; develop interdisciplinary teaching and learning activities that blend technology with group and one-on-one activities.

Nova Southeastern University, Adjunct
Fort Lauderdale, FL | 2008 – 2014
Courses: COMP1000 Basic Writing, COMP1500 Intermediate Writing, COMP2000 Advanced Writing

University of Miami, Adjunct & Writing Center Tutor
Coral Gables, FL | 2005 – 2015
Courses: WGS 202, Introduction to Creative Writing 209, COMP 105, COMP 106, Writing Center Tutor

Saint Thomas University, Adjunct
North Miami, FL | 2011 – 2013
Courses: ENG100 Developmental Writing & ENG11 English Composition

Project L.E.A.P., Creative Communications Teacher
Miami, FL | 2012 – 2013
Courses: Communications Mentor


Reading Queer, LLC, Founder & Executive Director
Miami, FL | 2012 – Present
Responsibilities: Oversee overall direction of the organization; Execute programming for the annual literary festival, in collaboration with the Miami Book Fair International, and the creative writing academy; Lead fundraising campaigns; Grant writing.

Center for Positive Connections, Board Member
Miami, FL | 2011 (1 year term)
Miami-Dade county non-profit dedicated to providing services to people living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Frivole Couture, Inc, Founder & Creative Director
Miami, FL 1994 – 2009
Responsibilities: Make executive decisions relating to finances, budgeting and marketing; Collaborate with creative team; Procure raw materials; Maintain factory and manage operations.


Miami New Times, Freelance Writer
Miami, FL | 2016 – 2018
Responsibilities: Pitch & write occasional performance arts and culture related stories.

Knight Foundation KnightBlog, Writer
Miami, FL | 2010 – 2017
Responsibilities: Pitch stories; Write weekly performance arts and culture related stories; Written over 400 previews, reviews and interviews with local, national and international arts & culture leaders.

Artburst Miami, Freelance Writer
Miami, FL | 2010 – 2016
Responsibilities: Pitch & write ccasional performance arts and culture related stories.


2016 | Awarded $70,000 Knight Arts Challenge Miami Grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for Reading Queer.

2012 | Awarded $30,000 Knight Arts Challenge Miami Grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for Reading Queer.

2010 | Finalist, Firewheel Chapbook Award, Ars Magna for the Manifold Dimensions of Z.

2010 | Winner, Sentence Book Award, Sinead O’Connor and Her Coat of a Thousand Bluebirds.

2009 | Winner, Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Book Prize, Almost Dorothy.

2009 | Finalist, Octopus Books, Almost Dorothy.

2007 | Finalist, Elixir Press, Almost Dorothy.

2006 | Finalist, University of Wisconsin Press, Almost Dorothy.

2005 | Finalist, Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize, Almost Dorothy.

2005 | Finalist, Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize, Kent State University, Almost Dorothy.



MANCC Artist/Writer Convening. Florida State University. Tallahassee, FL June, 2016.

Association of Writing Professionals: “Two Can Play That Game: Techniques for composing collaborative poetry.” Minneapolis, MN 2015.

Vermont Studio Center, Work Study Scholarship, 2005.

Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference, 2004.

James Michener Creative Writing Fellowship, University of Miami, 2003 – 2005.



Anthologies, Books, Chapbooks

Reading Queer: Poetry in a Time of Chaos. Anhinga Press, February 2018.

An Elephant’s Memory of Blizzards. Marsh Hawk Press, March 2013.

Two Thieves & a Liar. Jackleg Press, 2012. Co-authored with Maureen Seaton and Kristine Snodgrass.

Sinead O’Connor and Her Coat of a Thousand Bluebirds. Firewheel Editions, 2011. Co-authored with Maureen Seaton. Winner, Sentence Book Award, 2010.

Almost Dorothy. Marsh Hawk Press. March, 2010. Winner, Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Book Prize, 2009.

Facial Geometry. Neo Pepper Press, 2006. Co-authored with Maureen Seaton and Kristine Snodgrass.

Fiction & Creative Non Fiction Published in Literary Journals

”Sinead O’Connor.” Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on Their Muses. Fall, 2012

“What Would Wonder Woman Do in a Crisis?” Dislocate. Fall, 2011.

”Search for Grace in Seven Parts.” Requited. June 2010.

”Minkowsian Space-time: The Geometry Of Meta.” Dogzplot. March 2010

A Song of Mass Destruction.” wtf pwm. March 2010.

”Ma Vie En Rose: My Life Wrapped in Cellophane.” Hobart Pulp. March 2010.

”Birth of Mama D.” Itch. Vol. 4, 2009.

Poetry Published in Literary Journals – Solo


“It’s on Repeat”. Witness. Vol. XXVII No. 3 (Winter 2014).

“The Wolf”. Witness. Vol. XXVII No. 3 (Winter 2014).


“Body at Rest”. Saw Palm. February, 2013.

“What Else is There?” and “Look, Mom I – II”. Anti-. February, 2013.

“Ganesha”, “Shiva” and “A Prayer for a Blue Cloud.” Tigertail. 2013.


“Happy Up There.” Versal. Spring, 2012.


“Their Fathers.” Collective Brightness: LGBTIQ Poets on Faith, Religion & Spirituality. July, 2011.


“Methusaleh’s Voice Over.” Fringe. Fall, 2010.

“M-Theory,” “Symplectic Geometry,” and “Riemannian Manifold.” Marsh Hawk Review. September, 2010.

“Vireo Gilvus.” Offending Adam. March 2010.

“The Virgin Queen Lost Her Head.” Shadyside Review. Issue 2, 2010.

“Ars Magna for Manifold Dimensions of Z” and “The Elegant Universe.” Pank. Issue 4, 2009.


“The Archivist.” Killauthor. October, 2009.

“Casserole.” Nanoism. October, 2009.

“Paloma.” decomP. October, 2009.

“Poppycock.” Court Green, Spring 2009.


“Especially, Death.”, July 2008.

“Human Behavior,”, 2008.


“Abuelo & Abuela” and “Fleshtone.” Gulfstream, 2007.

“Aphorisms for Frida Kahlo,” “Why?” and “Works of Mercy.”, 2007.

“An Interview with, Neil de la Flor, a Flaming Courtesan.” Wet: A Journal of Proper Bathing, Issue 1, 2007.

“Memoir of a Barbed Wire Fence.” Hayden’s Ferry Review, 2007.

“Joey and the Banshee.” Sentence, Summer #5 2007.


“Interview with Mr. de la Flor.” Court Green, 2006.

“Introduction.” Court Green, 2006.

“The Invisible Chromosome.” Barrow Street, Summer 2006.

“Skin.” Hotel Amerika, Spring 2006.


“In Toto” and “Tennessee Williams Talks to Birds or I’m Talking to Birds.”, 2005.

“Closed Eyes/Universe.” Lodestar Quarterly, June 2005.

“The Exegesis of Grease, the Soundtrack.”, June 2005.

“Interview with Maureen Seaton.”, February 2005.

Poetry Published in Literary Journals – Collaborations


“The Duel”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Jai-Alai Magazine, Issue 3. 2016.


“Red”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Leveler Poetry, December 2013.


“Bird”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Fence, 2012.

“The Boat with the Boy’s Heart”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Verse Daily, 2012.

“Rex Galactica” and “The Starling”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Another Chicago Magazine, Spring/Summer, 2012
“The Historical Apple”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Mid-American Review, 2012.
“The Fishes”. The View from Here, 2012.

“The Possessed Samaritan” & “Words of Mouth”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Sentence, 2011.

“Girlz & Boyz”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Quarter after Eight, 2011.
“The Tamiami Trail (Mix)”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Fringe, Issue 26. 2011.
“Aurora” and “Author’s Interview: Aurora”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. 2 Bridges Review (CUNY), 2011.
“Carnival Girl”, “The Raven King”, “Dog Study”, “Shu Shu” and Adrift. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Anti-, 2011.
“Carnival Girl”, “The Raven King”, and “Dog Study, Shu, Shu, Adrift”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Anti-. Winter, 2011.

“Bird Brain II,” “Creature of Habit II,” a“A Dog Working,” “Talking Trash Vol. I,” and “Two Thieves and a Liar.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. No Tell Motel. December, 2010.

“The Ansonia Ghost,” “Blood Prophet,” “Boy In The Water,” “Flying Man,” and “Mythomania.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Frigg. Summer, 2010.

“Archaeologia.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. TriQuarterly Review. June 2010.

“Elegy for a Stingray.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton and Kristine Snodgrass. Versal. March, 2010.

“Systematism” and “Hot Opera.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton and Kristine Snodgrass. Artifice Magazine, February 2010.

“Immaculata”. Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Encyclopedia Vol 2 F-K, 2010.


“The Betty Davis Mosh.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Coal Hill Review. Autumn, 2009.

“Sparkly Poem,” “Polyramble, Vulturerealm, Blamesyrup, Rhinovalues,” “Mercifully,”
“from the Cadillac Manuscript” and “The Value of Y.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton and Kristine Snodgrass. Diode. 2009 Vol. 3 Number 1.

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“The End of Larry”. Collaboration with Denise Duhamel, Maureen Seaton & Kristine Snodgrass. Tusculum Review, Issue 2, 2006.

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“Boat with a Boy’s Heart.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Gulfcoast, Summer 2006.

“Poem with a Canary,” “Poem without a Bed,” “Poem without a Pagoda,” and “Poem with a Failed Tornado.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton. Coconut 5, Summer 2006.

“Facial Geometry.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton & Kristine Snodgrass. Guernica, 2006.

“Pink Eye” and “Bi-Aquatic.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton., Issue 17, Spring 2006.

“Towers of Palladium” and “The Sanctity of Life or How I Fell in Love With π.” Collaboration with Kristine Snodgrass. Can We Have Our Ball, January, 2006.


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“The Holiness Code,” “Pilgrims Raid,” and “Floyd 2.” Collaboration with Maureen Seaton and Kristine Snodgrass.

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7th All-Media Juried Biennial, 2015, Art & Culture Center of Hollywood.

The Mermaid Tear Factory/Fábrica de Lagrimas de Sirena
Miami @ Inkub8 Studios, September, 2010
Artists: Elizabeth Doud and Neil de la Flor
Multimedia meditation on the ways that mermaids, stingrays and Odessa (the mermaid Barbie) are confronting the phenomena of landfall, our pathological single use consumption, and the horrific, irreversible dilemma of massive plastics and petroleum pollution in our planet’s oceans.