Sunday is for the birds (and giant lizards)

Sunday I woke up, took a shower, packed my camera in my backpack and jumped on my long board (outside of course). Last time I long boarded indoors didn’t turn out so well. I ate breakfast at La Social. It was 9:00 AM.


On the way back home, I followed two Ibis eating bugs on the corner of 75th and NE 8th Avenue. They convinced me to hang out a little longer. I sat on my long board and watched them eat. They were hungry, I guess. Their beaks like oil wells boring into the earth. This way and that way they went.


It’s hot. It’s always hot. I waved good-bye and boarded home.

As I walked down the driveway, a bird mocked me but I couldn’t find. It teleported from bush to roof to tree to bush to canopy. Squawk. As I searched for the bird, I saw a lizard, or mini-dinosaur, climb part way down a gigantic royal palm tree.

DSC07960-TREE-LIZARD.jpgIt only went so far down as far as it wanted to go. It absorbed some rays. It hung out for a few minutes and I hung out taking photographs of this private moment. Teasing me because I can’t climb. After a few photographs it turned around and climbed back into the canopy. It turned green as soon as its body came into contact with a palm frond.  Maybe it’s a chameleon or the gecko from Geico.

DSC07971-BIRD-HOME.jpgThat’s the bird responsible for this blog post.


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